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Woman allegedly indecently assaulted by man impersonating rideshare driver

2021.10.25 21:08 newsfeedmedia1 Woman allegedly indecently assaulted by man impersonating rideshare driver

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2021.10.25 21:08 CreeyoLeelo Friend who knew I liked her and never argued or anything ghosted me

Then I see her make silly posts online, about random updates or whatever, knew her for a few years, said I really liked her a year ago...
WTF? So I tried hitting her up asking if everything is cool. No response.
What exactly is the point of her actions? Why not just block me? Ignoring is fairly hurtful. Especially since I thought we were good friends. What a fake-ass bitch.
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2021.10.25 21:08 hajdalala What is your unexplainable experience? Something that convinced you that there might actually be something supernatural?

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2021.10.25 21:08 1985portland1985 The ocean spray at the entrance to the tunnels is hilarious

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2021.10.25 21:08 swagNextTuber 'Can't express how traumatic': Police chief reacts to shooting

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2021.10.25 21:08 optmspotts Is anybody considering developing their property following the housing density changes?

A week ago, the government jointly announced changes for Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, and Christchurch, now allowing higher density housing without resource consent: https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/political/453824/housing-density-to-increase-across-new-zealand-under-rare-bipartisan-solution
I have a rental in Hamilton (on 607sqm), and have never seriously considered the possibility of sticking townhouses down - though I remember previously checking the urban zoning and being disappointed that I was outside of the high density area if I had been interested.
Does the resource consent waiver really make a material difference?
Obviously one bonus nowadays is that the new builds would qualify for 20 years worth of interest deductions (unless repealed).
Would be interested to know if these density changes have prompted a change in strategy for anyone here.
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2021.10.25 21:08 BigRue45 Now what do I do?

So here I am. Not heard a word from you in a week. So much has changed in those 7 days! First, yes I got confused about what was going on in my life. I have a 3 brain surgeries, so yeah I am allowed to get confused about a few things. I was not selling a home. I was closing out my 401K, and telling the company I worked for. I was with them for 18 years. You left cause you felt I did not tell you the truth. I told you the truth that was in my brain at the time. Now I know what was going on. I will still pay the two bills that I told you I would cause I am a man of my word. I know this might be a new concept for you, cause so many have hurt you in the past. I am not paying these bills for you, but for me and my integrity!
Also you should know I am picking up the new sports car we talked about. Not in gray but in blue, cause it is my car and that is the color I want. You kept tell me, you are not with me cause of the money. Well, let’s see how true that is. I will be dropping off the last of your stuff that is still here at my place. I hope you know you fucked this up and walked away from me when I needed you the most. I made sure you have car insurance till the 8th. Then guess what baby boy you are on your own.
You are the only man in my life I let break my heart 2 times! You will not get to do it again!! I have such limited time left, due to my illness. But, you still left me. I wish you all the luck in the world and you find what makes you happy! I just know it is not me! Even if I wanted to take you back, I would live with the fear of you walking away again when I need you.
Life has not been ease for me. Growing up openly gay in a small Texas town. Guess what I have never cared what people think of me. As long as I could get up in the morning and be out with the man in the mirror. I have always treated people the way I wanted to be treated. You on the other hand, seem to always care what people will think or say about what you are doing. It is sad really, I hope one day you know the freedom I have demanded from life!
I would have walked in to hell, just to bring you a flame to keep you warm if you where cold! I would have moved a mountain one stone at a time if it would have made you smile!
At this point, I don’t think I can even be friends with you. Take care my love, I hope you find peace in this life time!
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2021.10.25 21:08 PirriP Why are centralized exchanges offering liquidity farming pools?

Why are exchanges based on order books offering liquidity farming now? What do they get out of it, and who needs that liquidity? It seems like they are still just matching up buy and sell orders, so what's the point?

In particular, I'm seeing rates that are sometimes in line with DEX offerings. This has got to cost them a lot of money; who's paying for it? Am I misunderstanding how these markets work?

I'm also really struggling to inflate this to five hundred characters so that the post won't be automatically taken down. That seems like a very silly rule.
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2021.10.25 21:08 mrsimud Protivnici kovid propusnica protestovali ispred stana Branislava Tiodorovića

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2021.10.25 21:08 SignificantFuture456 Super Sour Diesel Day 20 of Veg, other picture is when I first got her 😎

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2021.10.25 21:08 bestwitchsam Queen

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2021.10.25 21:08 AnglerDish Inaktober Day 19: Loop

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2021.10.25 21:08 preciousgemmramos Amazing Thinkers and Humanitarians - Level 5 - Learn English Through Story

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2021.10.25 21:08 Closetedcousin Will this work for tithing reimbursement requests?

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2021.10.25 21:08 nickymaster2000 Soldier on Guard Duty (Again)

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2021.10.25 21:08 archerthedude Criterion Claiming Inland Empire 👀

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2021.10.25 21:08 kerketcham Would the sacrifices/population control on M7G-677 in SGA:Childhood's End really have worked for as long as it did?

We find out that, of course, the sacrifices at age 25 aren't why the Wraith stay away, and that the reason for the sacrifices are because their dying ZPM can only shield so big of an area. So by keeping their numbers down, they can stay inside the shield.
But would this REALLY work for very long? Whether they HAVE to due to a growing population, or they simply WANT to, some people are bound to want to move outside the range of the ZPM's protection. It isn't as if they KNOW that is why. So surely at some point over the generations, someone would have said "Why are we all living together in such close quarters when we have this whole planet to inhabit."
Maybe they could have found a big forest of cacao trees and could have made their OWN chocolate.
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2021.10.25 21:08 TrulyLimitless No motivation

I haven’t gone to class in weeks, I don’t care about any of my classes, and I’m anxious when I do go to class. I do the absolute bare minimum and will be lucky to just pass all my classes this semester.
Life is sweet otherwise. But I genuinely have no motivation to do school anymore. Idk what to do.
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2021.10.25 21:08 robgadling I have blue balls after reading Shogun by James Clavell (SPOILERS)

English is not my mother language, so bear with me.
Before I started reading Shogun I was looking for a novel that was action/scene oriented. I didn't want to read though too much backstory and detailed description. And, boy, Shogun was exactly what I was looking for. I starts with a BANG! - the last survivors of a scurvy plagued ship crew amidst a storm. I couldn't put it down. I binge read it. There were days I read for like nine hours straight. I didn't feel like this since I was twelve reading Harry Potter. Then I got to the end and it was a huge let down.
Clavell spends a lot of time introducing characters, creating plotlines, scheming the politics of Japan, building up to the war, and then he just rushes to an abrupt end. It was as bad as: "oh yeah, there was a battle and this was the result". All the characters got lame resolutions - Blackthorne, Mariko, Omi, Yabu, Fujiko, Buntaro - mostly done through talking. Don't get me wrong, the "twist" of Toranaga actually wanting to be shogun is good - despite being heavily hinted by the title of the novel, the repetition of him saying he does not want to do it and being common knowledge for anyone with minimal knowledge of Japan history - but it is done in such a poor way. I could see the same ending being masterfully done after the war: Toragana actually becoming the the shogun instead of an inner monologue revealing this was his plan all a long - maybe Blackthorne realizing this and Toranaga just faintly smiling (I picture something like the end of Godfather). I felt like Clavell completely underestimated the scope of the story he was writing and then had to rushly end an book that was already long.
I feel like the right length for Shogun would be something like Game of Thrones and I think there are a lot of similarities between them. Both focus on political schemes of a "kingdom" in turmoil. Both have recent troubles with the unification of the kingdom. Both are dealing with the consequences of a recent past warevolution: Goroda/Taicum - Robert (even in personal plotlines, with "tainted" characters like Mariko and Jaime). Both uses multiple POVs to tell the story. This is actually a problem in Shogun because Clavell is really loose with his POVs - some character are used only once. Blackthorne is clearly the protagonist in the beginning, but Toragana ends the novels as if he was the main character. Blackthone ending wasn't actually bad, it just felt rushed like everything else. I was so excited with the book. I was even going to buy a copy for my brother. But the ending ruined it for me.
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2021.10.25 21:08 Robinjo1985 Travis Scott Supportive Of Kylie Jenner During Pregnancy

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2021.10.25 21:08 GoatTB126 The Goddamn Jets

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2021.10.25 21:08 Sn0wlux Bleumode Experiments With GCDS' Logo In Latest Campaign

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2021.10.25 21:08 nihaowodeai How often do you drink on school nights?

Drinking and/or getting high, I've been doing it often and my only defense is that I do it on school nights where my next class isn't until 1 PM. I feel like a bad student but I can't be the only one, right? I do make sure I finish the day's tasks beforehand lol.
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2021.10.25 21:08 RDWayneright 30 [M4F] Chef Looking to Share Recipes and Chats

The life of a chef is a busy one. Long hours and a lot of days preparing and cooking food doesn't give me a whole lot of free time to meet people, and certainly not on weekends. That's why I find subreddits like this one appealing because it let's me flex my extroverted brain in a schedule that would otherwise force me to be an introvert. If you're someone that loves cooking or food then we'll be off to a good start. Happy to help people in the kitchen with advice and new recipes or just to share some recent food pics.
A few facts about me:

If anyone wants to chat please drop me an envelope saying your age, kik handle and your general intention with the chat. I'm okay with getting flirty over chats but if that's not what you want I'm fine with shutting that down.
Hope to hear from some of you out there.
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2021.10.25 21:08 WaframeChic The bridge has it's Halloween lights on!

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