Sabine and Choupette are 5.5mos today!

2021.12.01 22:29 sweetsatanskiing Sabine and Choupette are 5.5mos today!

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2021.12.01 22:29 cbang2 FT: Electabuzz, Piplup, Scyther; LF: Magmar, Slugma

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2021.12.01 22:29 The_Viatorem 8 days ago I decided to beat 1999 mode for the first time. Today I succeeded! And I even got scavenger hunt! \^w^/

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2021.12.01 22:29 dasbeidler new nanny looking for advice!

I was just in a meeting with a mom about me being their new live in, I would be one of two live-ins for 5 kids working about 45 hours a week with every other weekend off. I'll be in the Phoenix area, she was offering about $450 a week, this seems pretty low to me for the amount of work I'd be doing. I'd be dropping off the kids in the mornings after making their lunches, watching the baby while they are at school, cleaning the house, cooking, and picking the kids up later. Should I be asking for more? Thoughts? Any advice helps!
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2021.12.01 22:29 Fragile_X_ There's more than 3 hero's.

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2021.12.01 22:29 MarionClaude WTF Anime Moment From Dark Cat

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2021.12.01 22:29 THE_REALSEABASS Do it

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2021.12.01 22:29 pie_the_dye network issues

as someone with network issues, i loved that the original battles let you reconnect in 30 seconds. really annoying to lose trophies to this. plz add it back
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2021.12.01 22:29 TBriefs87 Got the idea from u/BobthePeanut

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2021.12.01 22:29 kat_the_parrot_lover you know I HAD to park by my twin. my baby boy is on the right ❤️❤️

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2021.12.01 22:29 MxAlex44 Naughty Invitations: BDSM Night of Kinks Anthology
A thick envelope, embossed with the shadow of a pair of leather cuffs.
A tissue insert with an imprint of a lacy mask.
A single card with only a date and time under a coiled whip.
Your invitation from Master X. has arrived.
Who is Master X? He's wealthy, handsome and in certain hushed circles, is known for throwing lavish overnight parties of a certain flavor. You're lucky to attend, even luckier if you're invited back.
One night. One mansion. Find out what happens when 8 like-minded guests decide to unwind in the only way that satisfies their oh-so-deviant desires.
Tropes: None
Trigger Warnings: This collection includes all levels of BDSM play up to the hardest limits and kinks. All play in this collection is safe, sane, and consensual, but reader discretion is still advised.
Naughty Invitations Anthology
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2021.12.01 22:29 MagicofKeelan Coin magic with a cracker

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2021.12.01 22:29 BronutsNFT Bronuts.

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2021.12.01 22:29 habspatrol Quick poll... did she want the replacement or refund?

Yesterday I'm shopping at Costco. I tell the customer that they're out of the rotisserie chicken and they say "that's okay, you can refund it." I then send a picture of the packaged hand pulled rotisserie chicken. She replies with "that's fine."
I had to ask for clarification... did she want the replacement or not?
View Poll
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2021.12.01 22:29 jcsir Taylor Swift "Shake It Off" BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend 2015

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2021.12.01 22:29 death2-thepixies Haven’t seen this name discussed before: Malley/Mallee

Would love opinions on my made-up name for our baby boy. Mallee is a species of eucalyptus in Australia, and the malleefowl is my favourite bird. The spelling Malley seems more ‘name-y’.
For context: the other names on our shortlist are Perry, Micah and Laurie, which I posted about yesterday.
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2021.12.01 22:29 redefiningobsession This Weekend in NYC

Looking for some late additions to the itinerary if anyone has some suggestions! Been through the Ultimate threads, other recent posts, and still looking.
Staying in Midtown, getting in this Friday evening. Planning on heading to Los Tacos No1 for dinner and seeing a comedy show later in the evening with a few hours in between. Might find a bar if anyone has any suggestions. I love good bourbon and rye whisky, the girlfriend is more of a sour beer and white wine gal. Suggestions in the area besides bars also welcome!
Saturday we are planning brunch at a yet to be determined spot. Thought you all might have some good ideas. Surrounding areas are welcome. I expect to be sick of the Times Square crowds by this point and it's only going to get worse lol. Planning on making it over to Rockefeller Center to see the tree, some of the shops on 5th to see the displays, and Bryant Park for the Christmas village and maybe some skating. We are also seeing a show in the evening, super excited for that. I feel like we may need more to fill the day and this is where I am looking for the most assistance. Wanted to do the Nostalgia Train Ride, but it sounds like it might be virtual again this year. We are not much for museums. Some shopping is okay, but I feel like we may get enough in as it is. May end up walking through Central Park, especially if there is anything to see!
Sunday we are meeting another friend for brunch somewhere before heading out of the city.
Somewhere along the way, we will probably get a bagel, a late night slice of pizza, and maybe some falafel.
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2021.12.01 22:29 DM_me_fun_stuff_pls What will be the top Meme of 2022?

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2021.12.01 22:29 HyukoKidz Smeared Red

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2021.12.01 22:29 FloppyDonk312 Season 8 Battle

I know a lot of people didn’t like the outcome of season eight, and you can’t really blame them for it. But I will say I do find myself going back to it, or at least the Long Night episode to hype myself up for the upcoming series. Although we didn’t get a long and full fledged dragon fight we got something and I can’t wait to see an improved, to the death battle in House of Dragon, whenever that episode may appear.
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2021.12.01 22:29 C-P-R [Boston Globe] Rich Hill, Red Sox pair up again on one-year deal. Angel’s dumpster diving options dwindling.

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2021.12.01 22:29 Anarcho_Christian "It begins on a dark night, where a dark [organization] waits, with a dark purpose."

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2021.12.01 22:29 nac819 Looking for flower/edibles (Driving in late tonight)

Hey Reddit,
I hope you can help me. I'm picking up my girlfriend from Dulles tonight and would like to grab about $40 worth of either edibles/flower. I don't mind driving to a pick-up location to avoid delivery costs, so can anyone recommend a trustworthy supplier who handles smaller orders with a broad schedule?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.01 22:29 tayfan13 Penis pain with burning sensation

I have frenelum pain when I get hard and touch there. A certain spot hurt when I rub it. And some days later I have occasionally burning pain in genital. It is not red tho and peeing doesn’t really hurt. Do I urgently need to see doctor cause its expensive. Sometimes the pain is also completely gone. Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.01 22:29 sarahdearest Something Pathetic (probably)

My ex is an alcoholic and would often play Rocket League while drunk. Any time I hear the music/sound effects I am overcome by the feeling that someone is going to yell at me. This is probably the most random and pathetic Pavlovian response of all time.
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