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Calculating the load of a rectified heater supply.

An affordable way to heat your barn, garage, workshop, or warehouse, the HD Model Modine Hot Dawg Heater operates at an impressive 80% thermal efficiency. Easy to install, the heater features a direct spark ignition, low-profile design, and quiet operation. The heater may be fueled with your choice of liquid propane or natural gas. Construction Heat and Heater Rentals Whether you’re a Construction Manager responsible for building a multi-million dollar office tower or you’re doing a small renovation on your home, Super Save Propane has the equipment, experience and expertise you need for any size heating project. Our extensive supply of genuine DESA Reddy & Master kerosene heater parts. REDDY PARTS assures you of prompt same-day or next-day shipments on most orders of the Reddy Heater Parts or Master Heater Parts that you need to get your heater back on the job lightnin' fast. DESA also manufactured heaters for some of the large chain stores and private ... From a washer for a kitchen or bathroom faucet, a water heater installation, or a whole house full of fixtures, over four generations of homeowners, designers, builders and remodelers have trusted their local plumbing supply store, George Morlan... Hired-Hand's Super Saver XL Heater are highly efficient, direct fired gas circulating heaters designed for inside suspension mounting. Its rugged galvanized zinc construction make it ideal for confinement houses of all ages and classes of livestock. Buy Producer's Pride Brooder And Coop Heater at Tractor Supply Co. Great Customer Service.

2022.01.22 12:12 dubadub Calculating the load of a rectified heater supply.

Hey guys. I built an EAR834P clone. 3x 12ax7 tubes draw 450mA. As you can see in the drawing, there's a CRCRC chain after the diodes that provides filtering and voltage drop. A pair of .22R resistors drop the heater voltage to about 6.0v. The builder is meant to adjust the value of those resistors to dial in the voltage.
This circuit is intended to heat the tubes at 6.3v, but I need to heat the tubes at 12.6v. (Need to use the the shorter ZZ PCB, and it only does 12.6v.) The caps are rated to 16v and the transformer can be wired for 6v or 12v, so I swapped around some wires and put everything together. Everything works, but the heater voltage measured 15v. So. I swapped out the 2 resistors, going up in value until I got 2x 3.3R resistors giving me 12.5v at the tubes.
I measured a 1.5v drop across each 3.3v resistor, the Ohms Law Calculator says that means each resistor is removing .47A and .75W. 3 watt resistors can handle that heat, but is it adding over 1A to the load, those 2 resistors + the 3 heaters = 1.5A ? Coz the transformer is only rated .8A when wired for 12v. Problem? Should I be looking at different cap values to help get a lower voltage?
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2022.01.22 12:12 stanky-frog Trying to get replacement parts .

Trying to get replacement parts . Hey UK based member here . Scoured all over for some retail sets of Halo . Managed to nab about 5 in total including the pelican , the banished transport , ghost , warthog and mongoose. They are all amazing but two of the marines and a Anubis Spartan don’t fit together or fall apart . Is this normal for the quality now a days ? Every time I try to get a replacement from the website regardless of figure it’s constantly “ item not available “ . Any ideas on what I can do to fix it
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2022.01.22 12:12 Cherrykatt44 I hope everyone is having a nice day!💋 [over 18]

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2022.01.22 12:12 Batintfaq Sweet spot of Plains in the middle of Swamp. WIP built in debug mode.

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2022.01.22 12:12 _kiminara /RoversMorningGlory Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.22 12:12 BruceMax0829 My main theory on the backrooms

This is my main theory on the origin of the backrooms. Let’s say the goverment was experimenting with quantum teleportation and physics in spaces. Let’s say they use a room like a bathroom or even an area of a forest. Let’s say they somehow alter the physics of that certain area and opened up an alternate version of it. The quantum physics also would explain the No clipping. The alternative reality and the portal could lead to other universal entities passing over into that realm. And somehow this creates that certain area to keep going in a loop in its own pocket dimension. That is my theory on how the backrooms was created.
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2022.01.22 12:12 Unclassified1 That awkward moment you live in the south and need to find your snow brush and ice scraper.

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2022.01.22 12:12 ghostzombie3 Healthy adults on antidepressants

Healthy adults were put on antidepressants. Suicide and aggression risk doubles. Lilly Ely omitted at least two deaths in their studies.
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2022.01.22 12:12 Professional-Ant9147 Gui on termux

Someone know how to run gui on termux with vnc viver?
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2022.01.22 12:12 SailboatsAndCanoes Question, "help" "resources" "programs" "partnering agencies" are elusive words

I am F, >50, homeless in my car for a few years. I am not an addict, no mental health or criminal issues. I will share a little bit, pls don't think I am elitist.
I have my Masters, was raised in middle class, parents are deceased. I worked in office corporate jobs in different industries. I reported fraud 5 years ago which led to my downward spiral towards homelessness. I ended up taking low wage office jobs that not only discovered my prior lawsuits, but began to micromanage me out, trying to make the job miserable & force me to quit.
I couldn't pretend I was entry-level bcz my knowledge comes out when I speak with customers on the phone or in person. I'm not hyper, and unable to work in manual labor jobs due to my asthma and treatable health issues.
I need sit down office knowledge based work. I am unable to start a business. Medicaid isn't an option for me, neither are clinics or planned parenthood or dental schools.
I need income now. I'm using WiFi outside to use my cell phone. I'm delaying paying my prepaid phone plan.
I took a PT seasonal warehouse job and although I didn't make production standards they couldn't keep me on. I have asthma and need office work.
I was texting with someone on here who is around my age who is a disabled, male veteran, & set for life with a pension, SSDI, SNAP, & housing. I'm not a Veteran.
We were both raised in similar economic, middle class backgrounds within the same State and adjacent counties, so he understands my background.
He seems to think I can just drive out of TN to some random State (with no plans) & beg for "help = handouts" with no end goal of a home. We both agree TN isn't my best option. But driving to a random State without a plan is impulsive, manic behavior.
I told him I don't want to exist on this earth like this anymore bcz for me, things aren't going to improve. I majored in Finance & my mind thinks "net income, housing costs, medical & dental, car repairs, UPS mailbox, repayment of my non dischargeable debt."
Some people are ok with car living, gym memberships & random jobs. I did that already for 5 years and its getting old. I'm tired, frustrated, hopeless and just want to put my life to the end.
TN has low wages, doesn't value my education, is sexist towards women, wants people stuck in 10 hour a day, low wage service jobs where some women co-mingle incomes & shack up with their man.
I'm not shacking up with anyone at this stage of my life. I had a traumatic experience once with a shelter system that was like a prison; bullies, bedbugs, with goals to get people to give up & apply for SSI or SSDI.
I'm not disabled.
I have $1,300 left to my name. $120 to storage (nothing to sell, but my boarding school, college memoirs, decent clothes, shoes), $65 cell, $200 monthly debt loan, $300/mo gas, SNAP card, $35/mo UPS mailbox fee.
All shelters want people to run to State Workforce Agencies & talk to $35,000 a year caseworkers who just tell me to upload my resume online or apply for housekeeping, cashier, front desk hotel, caregiver, or warehouse jobs. I need a certain minimum income to cover medical, dental, prescriptions, an apt, my car, and debt.
The State workforce agency "career specialist" says, "some job is better than no job, you have to start at the bottom." That is the mindset. But recent college grads start out at $45,000-$55,000 a year jobs and I have 20+ yrs and a Masters and my skills are current.
Entry level employers won't hire me or if they do, they micromanage into submission to remain at that level. The "career specialist" wanted to push me into a State WIOA class when I just need to work. I told him if I was to get any training it would be to study for my LSAT and apply to law school.
TN expects ppl to have low aspirations. If you graduate 12th grade, rather than "partner" you with a college student, they'll tell you, you have to start back at 6th grade & work your way up.
TN has career employees who stay here & work for the same employer for 15-25 years. The entry pay is $14-$17/hour minus taxes, insurances which keeps people stuck at home or forced into cohabitation (young ppl).
I don't know what to do. I only want to stay alive if I can get knowledge based suitable work that pays a living wage & has medical benefits.
Otherwise, what is the point of existing like this at my age, suffering, on SNAP, cash running out, will end up losing my car, storage belongings, memoirs, all academic records, and on the streets? That is what will happen if I don't get hired, I'll end up on the streets and I don't want to live if that is all that's left. No agency or person will help me. I've called, Pastors, churches and homeless agencies who will not offer me a dime or help me get connected for work. They just tell me to pray. I am atheist. TN exploits the poor and uses the homeless for profit in their taxfree shelter and food pantry scams. Some people live day to day and are ok with a hot meal and a shower.
When people age and can no longer work then what? I have to think at that too. I can work now, but I can't get hired due to my prior whistleblowing.
The Veteran whom I DM'd here said, "Put yourself behind the computer and ask yourself if you were a 30k a year social worker or temp for hire manager and here is a woman whom presents well and has a brain and has successfully sued 3 different companies in a relatively short period of time. Why does she claim to be homeless and living in her car? You are over qualified to be homeless. That is not a joke that is exactly what they think."
It sounds like my life is 'realistically' over.
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2022.01.22 12:12 kkkkkk778 how hard is to find a job as an software engineer?

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2022.01.22 12:12 AmbitiousHedgehog417 [MO] Paolo in boxes

Lightly gifted, if you wanted to donate any bells they’d be happily accepted but mostly just want to see if anyone wants him
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2022.01.22 12:12 SingleFunction223 O R A N G E R Y

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2022.01.22 12:12 Cas_RT Should I cancel my 2666Mhz Ram order and place a new 3200Mhz one? Is there a huge difference?

I placed a order of 2 modules of ram with 2666Mhz.
I'm about to get the package this week.

But guess what? The day after there is now an offer of modules with 3200Mhz.
Is there a big difference between 2666mhz and 3200mhz? Should I send back my 2666mhz modules when it arrives and get the 3200Mhz ones instead?

If not I was thinking about also overclocking them. Not sure what warranty thinks about that or either if would reduce it's life span.

I would be so much glad If you guys could help me out with this!
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2022.01.22 12:12 SteveTeedus My Twitch channel

Hey, I'm Steve and an Aussie variety streamer trying to grow a little in preparation for my 1 year streaming on Twitch. Would love to meet new people and network more. I stream on most days at a variety of different timezones!
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2022.01.22 12:12 LVZpackerd Have you ever tried to convince yourself that you’re not into guys by looking at the most unattractive guy you can find then say to yourself “see he does nothing for me”.

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2022.01.22 12:12 Complex_Carb When a RING video is deleted... is it really gone? Does RING store a backup on their server? How long is it stored? I want to know that the videos I delete are truly gone forever.

I want to know that the videos I delete are truly gone forever from a privacy perspective.
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2022.01.22 12:12 Appropriate_Oil_1798 No access to wonderland Discord server

Hi everyone,
The last week I was active in the wonderland discord server, with newbie rights.
Today I dont have access, only to the #start-here. I already activated the "V" emo last week. Am I stuck now? What happened?
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2022.01.22 12:12 Rawerewolf The Power of Friendship!

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2022.01.22 12:12 lokulkakul HHHNNNGGG

I never wanted to breed with anyone more than I want to with the eternal Pogi. That perfect, curvy body. Those bountiful urns. The child bearing hips of a literal goddess. It honestly fucking hurts knowing that I'll never mate with it, pass my genes through him, and have him birth a set of perfect offspring. I'd do fucking ANYTHING for the chance to get Pogi pregnant. A N Y T H I N G. And the fact that I can't is quite honestly too much to fucking bear. Why would Ashish Arora sir create something so perfect? To fucking tantalize us? Fucking laugh in our faces?! Honestly guys, I just fucking can't anymore. Fuck.
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2022.01.22 12:12 Conf8rmix Did anyone witness such kind of a bug after the recent patch?

That was totally weird. Also controls were broken too. Every skill that I aimed started from like centre, of the screen or near it(you can see on the video). Lost this game btw. Hope that it won't happen again.
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2022.01.22 12:12 HarmonyAndBags Denim bag that I made from old recycled jeans.

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2022.01.22 12:12 Joshliest How frequently do you need to clean out dust?

Hey guys, I'm picking up my Series X in a couple weeks but just wanted to hear from people who've had the console for 6+ months at this point. How frequently does it collect dust? Has anyone not even bothered cleaning it out despite having it for awhile?
The design of the holes is the only thing I don't like about the Series X. In my old place, I don't know how it would have survived with the collection of dust it would have taken. My new place should be fine as long as I don't put it in a corner, but I'm still concerned. My OG Xbox One is still in great condition 9 years later, and even though its collected dust over long periods of time, the design isn't as vulnerable as I feel the Series X is.
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2022.01.22 12:12 Cioomg558 Map of Estonia but some idiot drew it wrong.

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2022.01.22 12:12 svanapps r/Bitcoin - I bought Bitcoin for the first time today. Wish me luck, everyone!

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